Topic outline

  • Welcome!

    In this course you'll find examples of how the Lesson module may  be used. Please take the time to go through each one - it doesn't matter how you score! You might learn something - or you might die a gruesome death - but either way, you will hopefully gain an understanding of the workings of a Moodle Lesson.

    • Lesson as a Decision-Making Exercise

      From Health and Safety to ethical dilemmas, Moodle's Lesson module allows you to put the user into simulated situations where their choices have an important bearing on subsequent events.

      Try this Climbing Conundrum below, about the potential dangers when doing an ascent of Mont Blanc. You don't need to know anything about climbing - I didn't!

    • Lesson for Independent/Personalised Learning

      Because of its branching options, Moodle's Lesson offers a good way of presenting students with learning opportunities in their preferred learning style.

      In the example below you will find out about the new features of Moodle 2.5 -in the way you want!

    • Choose your own adventure!

      The Lesson module can work very well in encouraging creative thinking in interactive fiction exercises - not just for your students but for you who make up the stories!

      A variation on the Decision Making Exercise, this fantasy role play will have you deeply contemplating the results of your actions for the betterment of the Whole World...